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The War of Peace

This documentary looks at the situation in Lebanon after the July 2006 War, through several young Lebanese adults.
It explores the relations with and between the confessional (religious) communities, their political parties and how the youth views the war and the future of Lebanon.
It follows our characters on the streets starting with the American University Beirut (AUB) student elections, the funeral of Minister Pierre Gemayel, the opposition demonstration and the massive sit-in in the heart of Beirut.

Original title: Harb el Salam
Year of production: 2007
Original language: Arabic (with English/ French subtitles)
Director of Photography: Muriel Aboulrouss
Sound: Mouhab Shanesaz
Editing: Elias Shaheen
Music: Emile Aouad
Sound Design: Rana Eid
Assistant Director: Hani Abdel Sater
Lighting and Camera Assistants: Damoun Ghaoui- Dany Chedid
Production Manager: Ali Obeid
Line Producer: Marwan Tarraf
Associate Producer: Diana Moukalled
Executive Producer: Jerry Mosier
Production: Gulf Trend Productions & Darkside TV & Film Production
Script: Diana Moukalled-Hady Zaccak
Directed by: Hady Zaccak
Format: HD
Running time: 100 minutes (TV version) 53 minutes (director’s cut)

The Characters :Amira El-Solh, Hassan Elleik, Fadi Toufaili, Zein Radwan, Samer Samaha, Maria Karam, Roula El-Khatib.
The Politicians :MP Saad Hariri- Head of the Future Bloc, Dr.Samir Geagea- Leader of the Lebanese Forces,MP and Minister Mohammed Fneish- Hizbullah, MP and Minister Marwan Hamadeh- Progressive Socialist Party, MP Ibrahim Kenaan- Free Patriotic Movement.
The Scholars: Hazem Saghieh – Political writer, Dr. Fawwaz Traboulsi- Writer and academic researcher

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