Darkside Film and TV Production
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Founded in 1998 and operating from Beirut-Lebanon, Darkside is a Film and TV production company specialized in producing high-end film and video products for Arab and International broadcasters.

We were the first to introduce top-of-the-line HD production to the region. Today our company provides full HD production and post-production facilities.

Darkside also provides Broadcast Hire equipment from single camera operator to full crew and earned its reputation for being a reliable technical services provider for producers and production companies.

Fast FWD Plans

We strive to become the top-of-mind choice for Arab and International producers and creative filmmakers that are as eager as us to shed the light on various topics in today’s world’s quest for news and “info-tainment”.

Darkside is always on the look for advanced technologies and keeping up the pace in a fast-moving panorama.
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