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MARCEDES. Marcedes is a feature biopic involving the chronicle of a country from the perspective of a car and its family.
A Mercedes 180 arrives to Lebanon in 1960, becomes a Lebanese citizen, turns into a survivor and witnesses 50 years of its history. » Read more
Washam Bi Al'Ayn/ Tattooed Eye
Short Fiction. 35mm. Dolby Digital.
Ibrahim, 17 years lives on the fringes of society. He is a victim of poverty, drug abuse and domestic violence. » Read more
We and our beloved ones
Bassem has just returned to Beirut for a visit with one goal on his mind: to take his grandpa Abo Omar from Dar Al Ajaza and return him home. He strongly believes that being at home; grandpa will preserve his pride, health and happiness. Little did he know what this trip will unveil? » Read more
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