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MARCEDES. Marcedes is a feature biopic involving the chronicle of a country from the perspective of a car and its family.
A Mercedes 180 arrives to Lebanon in 1960, becomes a Lebanese citizen, turns into a survivor and witnesses 50 years of its history.

Written, directed and produced by Hady Zaccak
Cinematographer Muriel Aboulrouss
Music composer Emile Aouad
Sound Engineer Mohab Shanesaz
Visual Effects Supervisor Riad Chebli
Stop Motion Photographer Hratch Tokatlian
Editors Elias Shaheen-Vartan Avakian
Sound Designer Emile Aouad
Line Producer Nada Tarraf
Producers Marwan Tarraf- Hady Zaccak
Produced by:
Darkside Film and TV Production
ZAC Films

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